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Test Execution How-to Guide T4J Test Management for Jira Confluence

A good solution for this is a test management tool that simplifies coordination among geographically distributed teams. A cloud-based tool allows distributed teams to have a common platform for sharing information anytime and from anywhere. The testing team test execution meaning needs to keep up with the frequent changes in code, builds, and environments. The testers also need to communicate the bugs found to the development team. The testers and developers can no longer work in silos but they need a higher level of collaboration.

test execution

New software products have to undergo various tests, such as performance, functionality tests, and smoke testing, to ensure they are bug-free before being released onto the market. Test execution plays an important part in making sure that the software delivers the expected results. Although identifying the test resources at an early stage can be difficult but the identification of high priority test cases can be done. In the absence of use cases, the tests can be derived from the validation of initial requirements. Developing the tests early on helps in overcoming the challenges posed due to time constraints. In test planning phase, the set of tasks are defined to identify what to test, why to test, when to test and where to test.

Scripting and Comparison techniques of Test Execution tools

This is not always the case, such as seen in purchased software, or software that you only get to test once it is delivered to you. In that case, the top-down approach (funnel) is often faster and more feasible. It is important to understand that the testing pyramid is based on the assumption that you are building the application or system. In Figure 3, we see a view of the test levels that resembles a funnel, with the smallest tests (unit tests) at the bottom and the largest scope of testing (system and acceptance testing) at the top. Highly scripted test automation is basically “scripts from scratch”, or at least scripts based on a previous test or template.

If you would count any one particular area which is focused the most after the testing is completed, it will be reporting. And not only the team members, a report is distributed, stored, archived, and always kept on record for anyone in any team no matter what the team’s work or background is. So it becomes a responsibility to make reports highly intuitive with quick understanding and easy-to-read elements. With the sections and elements listed below, we can make sure that we produce a high-quality report easily.

Pros and Cons of Manual and Automated Testing

Test scripts are very procedural in nature, but do not apply in all situations. Manual testing is still alive and well and I think it will always be needed. I work with test automation every day and there are times when I must perform a test manually. For example, to create test automation, I must understand how the item under test behaves first. Another example is when the test automation script fails, I need to see what has changed.

test execution

Just imagine (this is especially applicable to UI tests) having hundreds, or thousands of tests – each one running only once the previous test has been executed! Running those tests in parallel will enable you to run multiple tests at the same time. You can run your tests in parallel on multiple machines, like virtual ones, to significantly reduce the test execution time.

Defect Mapping

It uses English-based language to understand the intent of the test which is easy to use and does not require any programming skills from a tester. Lastly, we cannot wrap up the post without talking about the most used method of test execution – test automation. The process of automating the test is an integral part of test execution. It is quite impossible to execute thousands of test cases manually on so many platforms again and again during every release. However, when we turn towards test automation, we don’t turn towards an execution method but a lot of its characteristics that differ around with different tools.

A test strategy includes documentation formats, test processes, team reporting structure, and client communication strategy. It’s difficult to present the right information at the right time to the right people. The test reporting involves conveying the testing status and measures of quality for the project. There can be chances of non-availability of information or on the other hand surplus information with no way to deduce meaningful insights. Lack of a proper tool for exchanging test reports can make the test management process inefficient.

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Scripted test automation can be very labor-intensive to create, but the investment is often front-end loaded. However, maintenance can be high when applications are highly dynamic and subject to change. A big advantage of pre-defined tests is that you know in advance what should be tested and you can measure your test coverage based on test traceability. In my experience with walkthroughs, reviews and inspections, it is not uncommon to find over ten issues per review that might take an hour or less.

  • It uses English-based language to understand the intent of the test which is easy to use and does not require any programming skills from a tester.
  • Once these activities are completed, we can move ahead to perform test execution using different ways.
  • The software can also clean usage tracks, an interesting function if you share your computer with other users and don’t want them to see what you have been working on.
  • The main motive of this activity is to keep the records as much detailed as possible.
  • It usually follows a set of templates that contains an overview, summary, and analysis of the test plan, test cases, issues encountered during validation tests, defects list, and defect tracking information.

In the test execution process, the tester will usually write or execute a certain number of test cases, and test scripts or do automated testing. If it creates any errors then it will be informed to the respective development team to correct the issues in the code. If the text execution process shows successful results then it will be ready for the deployment phase after the proper setup for the deployment environment. The majority of testers use Test execution tools for running test automation. This statement is somewhat ambiguous because it alternatively refers to test running, capture, or replay tools.

Quality of the application is improved

Test execution has been the sole element of the testing phase in the earlier days when the software was small. With so many stages now surrounding the test execution phase, it needs to adjust accordingly to all of them and that includes preparations, setup, planning, and much more. Discussing all of these elements can help us understand the in-depth relationship between test execution and other testing parts.

test execution

Conventionally, organizations settled on two states – “Pass” and “Fail”- a scenario similar to the example quoted in the previous section. But these two states often represent the final outcomes, not the current status. A test execution state is commonly referred to as the current state of a test case. If a test case has passed, its test execution is labeled as “Pass” and reported in the final report. Similarly, other states may be exhibiting a different state, and since each test case has its unique test execution state, we need to display each in the final reports.

Test execution phases

The STLC is a sequence of specific activities that ensure software quality goals are met. In the requirements-based testing approach, the application is validated on the basis of what it is supposed to do. This type of testing is less subjective as compared to exploratory testing but it utilizes carefully developed tests to validate requirements.

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