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Adaikkalam Old Age Home for destitute aged established to take care rescued abandoned, Careless, Homeless people. We give Shelter, Food, Medication and care for free for all inmates residing with us. The home is in rented building of monthly rent Rs. 25000/.t. Here the staffs for Managing, Catering, Nursing, Care taker are appointed to take care of inmates. We have Inmate with age of 56 to 90+. Doctors consult our inmates by every week Saturday.

Road Side Rescues: With the guidance of Elder Helpline, Social welfare department, Police and other government departments we rescue abandoned aged persons and adopt at our Adaikkalam old age home. 

Homeless adoption: We also adopt aged people who have no relatives to care them. 

Reunion: Old age people who lost their families are reunited with their families. People from different states are also united e.g. Madyapradesh, Kerala etc. Also we reunite aged people with different districts of Tamilnadu.

Inmates 24
Staff 7
Total 31
Building rent 25000 pm
Salary 40000 pm
Electricity 12000 pm
Groceries 20000 pm
Medical 15000 pm